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Ugc net commerce hrm mock test

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HRM -3

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Q:1) ------------ is a combination of critical incident and adjective rating scale approaches.
A. Behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS)
B. Forced choice Appraisal
C. Adjective Rating scale Appraisal
D. Descriptive Rating scale Appraisal

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Q:2) When jobs are grouped on the basis of similarities found in their characteristics and values, it is called______
A. Paired comparison
B.Job grading
C. Job analysis
D. Grouping

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Q:4) "360" degree method related to
A. Performance appraisal
B. Organization climate
C. Employees morale
D. Retrenchment

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Q:5) The mechanism to identify employees growth potentials is done through:
A. Job enrichment
B. Job evaluation
C. Assessment centre
D. Position description

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commerce hrm mock test

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