commerce Hrm practice questions for nta ugc net

commerce Hrm practice questions for nta ugc net
human resource management questions

commerce Hrm practice questions for nta ugc net

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HRM - 2

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Q:1) Span of management refers to?
A. Number of managers
B. Length of term for which a manager is appointed
C. Number of subordinates under a superior
D. Number of members in top management

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Q:2 ) A tall structure has a?
A. Narrow Span management
B. Wide span of management
C. No span of management
D. Less levels of management

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Q:3) Which of the following organisational structures reduce redundancy and enable free of idea and information among the employees?
A. Tall orgnizational structure
B. Flat organizational structure
C. Project organizational structure
D. Matrix organizational structure

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Q:4) A manufacturing company has grouped its main function into marketing, engineering , production and finance. What kind of organizational structure has this company adopted?
A. Functional structure
B. Hybrid structure
C. Divisional structure
D. Matrix structure

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Q: 5 Which of the following cannot be delegated at all?
A. Authority
B. Responsibility
C. Accountability
D. All of the above

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commerce Hrm practice questions for nta ugc net

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