ugc nta net ict previous year questions of paper 1

paper 1 ugc net computer questions
ugc nta net previous year questions

ugc nta net ict previous year questions of paper 1

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ict pyq - 2

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____ is a wireless technology built in electronic gadgets for transferring data over short distance [4th Dec. 2019 (First Shift)]
(a) WiFi
(b) Bluetooth
(c) Modem
(d) USB

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PCI stands for [4th Dec. 2019 (First Shift)]
(a) Partial Component Interconnect
(b) Partial Component Interaction
(c) Peripheral Component Interconnect
(d) Peripheral Component Interaction

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Which of the following statements are correct? [5th Dec. 2019 (Second Shift)]
(A) Google’s web browser is called ‘Chrome’
(B) Apples web browser is called ‘Safari’
(C) “Mozilla firefox” is an open source web browsing software
Choose the correct option:

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Which of the following is a search engine? [2nd Dec. 2019 (Second Shift)]
(a) Internet
(b) Bing
(c) Skype
(d) Acrobat Reader

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Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) is used to compress __________.
[25th June 2019-Ist Shift]
(a) Music
(b) Video
(c) image
(d) Frame

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