ugc nta net commerce legal aspects mcq practice

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ugc nta net commerce mcq questions

nta ugc net commerce legal aspects of business mcq practice

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Legal aspets - 3

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Section 68 to ____ the Indian Contract Act
describes the cases which are deemed____
(A) 72, Quasi
(B) 73, Contingent
(C) 74, Invalid
(D) 75, Void

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Mistake of Fact can be two types-
(A) Own and foreign
(B) Unilateral & Bilateral
(C) Unilateral & Foreign
(D) Own and bilateral

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Contracts classified on the basis of performance
(A) Executed contract
(B) executory contracts
(C) partly executed or partly executory contracts
(D) all of the above.

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Which of the following statements is true?
(A) Contract = agreement + enforceability at law
(B) agreement = offer + acceptance
(C) both
(D) none of the above

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A proposal when accepted becomes a _____ and
an agreement enforceable by law is ____.
(A) agreement, acceptance
(B) promise, contract
(C) contract, promise
(D) acceptance, consideration

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