ugc net paper 1 ict questions

paper 1 ugc net computer questions
ugc net paper 1 ict questions

ugc net paper 1 ict pyq questions

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ict pyq - 1

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Database WOS stands for [4th Dec. 2019 (First Shift)]
(a) Web of Science
(b) Web of Sources
(c) World of Science
(d) Web of Service

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VDU stands for [3rd Dec. 2019 (Second Shift)]
(a) Virtual Display Unit
(b) Virtual Detection Unit
(c) Visual Display Unit
(d) Visual Detection

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__represents raw facts. whereas __ is processed meaningful data.
[3rd Dec. 2019 (Second Shift)]
(a) Information. Bits
(b) Records. Bytes
(c) Data, Information
(d) Information, Reporting

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Which of the following storage devices stores maximum amount of data?
[3rd Dec. 2019 (Second Shift)]
(a) Compact disc
(b) Floppy disc
(c) Hard disc
(d) Magnetic optic disc

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In computer related activities, what is the full form of ‘WORM’?
[2nd Dec. 2019 (First Shift)]
(a) Write On Random Memory
(b) Write On Real Memory
(c) Write Once Read Many
(d) Write Once Read

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