ugc net ict mock test questions paper 1

paper 1 ugc net computer questions
ugc net ict mock test questions

ugc net ict mock test questions paper 1

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ict pyq - 6

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Information and communication technology includes
(a) Online learning

(b) Learning through the use of EDUSAT
(c) Web-based learning

(d) All the above

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Which is correct ?
A. Video-conferencing is an example of
Synchronous technologies
b. education through CDs is Synchronous
c. both
d. none of above

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In which of the methods of teaching ICT support is implied?
A. Lecture method
B. Buzz session
C. Interactive presentation

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Which of the following is a computer based system that stores and manipulates
data which are viewed from a geographical point or reference?
[3rd Dec. 2019-IInd Shift]
(a) Database System
(b) Geographical Information System
(c) Geographic System
(d) Software System

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A message beneath a message is labelled as [December-2010]
(a) embedded text
(b) internal text
(c) inter-text
(d) sub-text

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