ugc net commerce business law practice questions

ugc net commerce questions
ugc net commerce business law

ugc net commerce business law practice questions

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Legal aspects -7

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The name of a company can be changed
[A] an ordinary resolution
[B] a special resolution
[C] the approval of the union government
[D] a special resolution and with the approval of
the central government

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What is known as a charter of a Company?
[A] Memorandum of Association
[B] Bye laws
[C] Articles of Association
[D] Prospectus

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The position of the finder of lost goods is that
a. Bailee
b. Bailor
c. Creditor
d. True owner

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When the price is not determined in the
contract or agreed between the parties,
the buyer shall pay the seller:
a. a fair price
b. a reasonable price
c. market price
d. average price

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_____________ is termed as consideration in
a contract of sale:
a. Exchange money
b. Barter money
c. Price
d. Reward

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