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nta net commerce legal aspects of business practice questions

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Legal aspect -2

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Minimum Number of Partner in LLP a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

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LLP shall be Taxed Under Income Tax Act,1961 As of
a) Partnership Firm

b) Company
c) Association of person

d) HUF

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DPIN Stands For
a) Designated Partner Identification Number
b) Director Personal Identification Number
c) Director and Partner Identification Number
d) Direct Partner Identification Number

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The money payable on any Negotiable instrument —
(A) Must be certain

(B) Must not be certain
(C) usually uncertain

(D) Conditional

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A Bill of exchange contains —
(A) Conditional undertaking

(B) Unconditional undertaking
(C) Unconditional order

(D) Conditional order

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