mba marketing management exam questions and answers free

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mba marketing management exam questions and answers

mba marketing management exam question and answers

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marketing pyq -2

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Which among the following is not included in seven Ps of marketing and
A. Politics
B. Process
C. People
D. Physical Evidence mix given by Booms

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In e-commerce, one of the key design elements of an effective website-community
refers to:
A. Its layout and design
B. The way site enables user to user communication
C. Site’s ability to tailor itself to different users or to allow users to personalize the
D. Degree that the site is linked to the other sites

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Which of the following is NOT true about web marketers?
A. Web marketers usually try to attract prospects to their site through email,
advertisements in newspapers
B. Use attractions like discounts, gifts and contests
C. Ask customers to give their personal data mandatorily
D. Give a lot of publicity to the discount schemes

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Doctrine of Caveat Emptor’ means:
A. buyer should make payment well in time
B. buyer should be beware of all aspects of buying
C. buyer will be responsible for the whole payment
D. buyer will not be responsible at any cost

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The retail supply chain does NOT include:
A. manufactures
B. retailers
C. wholesalers
D. regulators

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