Marketing management multiple choice questions and answers

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marketing management questions

marketing management multiple choice questions and answers

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marketing pyq -3

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Under which of the following conditions, the level of consumer’s involvement
will not be high?
A. The consumer considers the amount of money involved to be large.
B. The product is seen as having low potential for providing significant benefits.
C. The consumer lacks information about alternatives for satisfying the need.
D. The product has considerable social importance.

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When a company treats each single customer as a separate segment, this is called:
A. Niche Marketing
B. Nano Marketing
C. Single Marketing
D. Micro Marketing

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The tangible goods for which a consumer wants to compare quality, price and
perhaps style in several stores before making a purchase are called:
A. Convenience Goods
B. Shopping Goods
C. Speciality Goods
D. Unsought Goods

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When two separate companies or two divisions within the same company agree
to place both of their respective brands on a particular product or enterprise, this
arrangement is termed as:
A. Differential Branding
B. Cobranding
C. Dual Branding
D. Both Cobranding and Dual Branding

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Which one of the following modes is not an example of Direct and Database
marketing communication?
A. Mailings
B. Social media marketing
C. Catalogues
D. Telemarketing

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