ict practice questions for ugc nta net paper 1

paper 1 ugc net computer questions
ict practice question

ict practice questions for nta ugc net paper 1

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5. Indian government is set to launch a new operating system in the country which will replace all other operating systems, including
Microsoft Windows. It is __.
A. Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS)
B. Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS)
C. Bharat Operating Software Solutions (BOSS)
D. Bharat Operation System Solution (BOSS)
E. None of these

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4. In Windows operating system, terminal services refer to
support for.........................
A. Terminating user sessions on a system
B. Management of display devices
C. Shut down the operating system
D. Multiple interactive user sessions on a single system

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3. Operating System:
A. Is a System software
B. Stores information on storage device
C. Controls the operations of computer system
D. None of above

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2. The operating system that is self-contained in a device and
resident in the ROM is ____.
A. Batch Operating System
B. Real-time Operating System
C. Embedded Operating System
D. Mutli-Processor Operating System
E. None of these

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1. Air traffic control systems are an example of which type
of Operating System?
A. Batch Operating System
B. Distributed Operating System
C. Real Time Operating System
D. Network Operating System

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