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commerce ugc net legal aspects of business

commerce ugc net legal aspects mock test

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Legal aspects - 4

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Pledge is a special kind of-
(A) bailment

(B) Rule

(C) business

(D) product

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An agreement with a party who is not competent
to contract is ____.
(A) void

(B) voidable

(C) valid

(D) illegal

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The person to whom the proposal is made is called
the ____.
(A) offeror

(B) offeree

(C) proposer

(D) promisor

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The bailment of ____ as security for payment of
a debt or performance of a promise is called __.
(A) goods, pledge
(B) rule, void
(C) product, services
(D) services, void

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Quantum Meruit means-
(A) as much as earned
(B) as much as performed
(C) as much as found
(D) as much as worked

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