commerce business management practice questions

ugc net commerce questions
commerce business management questions

commerce business management practice questions

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Business management - 4

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When an organisation becomes ___ it takes on a
life of its own , apart from its founders
a. institutionalized
b. stabilized
c. cultured
d. mature

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The different A’s of the service sector are
(A) Acceptability, Awareness, Answerability
(B) Acceptability, Awareness, Availability
(C) Administration, Awareness, Availability
d. none of above

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______ is the result of human limitation to the span of management.
(A) Delegation
(B) Satisfaction
(C) Motivation
(D) Development

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The higher the ________ level of the employee, the lower the job satisfaction.
(A) Managerial
(B) Educational
(C) Satisfaction
(D) None of the above

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Under the principles of effective ______, it is said that never delegate and disappear.
(A) Delegation
(B) Management
(C) Organisation
(D) Centralisation

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