Business law commerce questions

ugc net commerce questions
business law commerce questions

business law commerce questions

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Legal aspects - 8

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The total managerial remuneration to the
directors and the manager in respect of any
financial year must not exceed _________ percent
of the net profit.
[A] one
[B] three
[C] eleven
[D] ten

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The ___________ constitute the top
administrative organ of the company. .
[A] general manager .
[B] shareholders.
[C] board of directors.
[D] advisory panel.

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The ___________ on equity shares is not
[A] dividend
[B] profit
[C] loss
[D] reserve

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The share capital of a company may be reduced
by __________.
[A] an ordinary resolution
[B] a special resolution
[C] a resolution of the board of directors
[D] obtaining permission from the company law board

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The __________defines a company’s relations
with the outside world.
[A] prospectus
[B] memorandum of association
[C] articles of association .
[D] statement in lieu of prospectus .

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