ugc net commerce auditing practice questions

ugc net commerce questions
ugc net commerce auditing practice question

ugc net commerce auditing practice questions

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Auditing -1

_______ is a method of organising the accounting system of a business concern or a factory by which the duties of various clerks are arranged in such a way that the work of one person is automatically checked by another.
a) Internal control

b) Internal check
c) Internal audit

d) All of the above

_______ is the specific guidelines and directions for efficient and effective completion of the audit work on timely and daily basis, so as to minimize audit risk.
a) Audit planning

b) Audit report
c) Audit programme

d) Audit certificate

Internal auditor is appointed by______
a) Management

b) Shareholders
c) Government

d) Statutory body

Sec.143 of Companies Act 20913 deals with _____
a) Powers and rights of an auditor
b) Removal of an auditor
c) Appointment of an auditor
d) Remuneration of an auditor

A company auditor can be removed before expiry of
his term by
a) Shareholders

b) Board of Directors
c) Central Government

d) State Government

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