marketing management questions for ugc net commerce

marketing management

marketing management questions for ugc net commerce

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In which stage of product life cycle, the company takes
decision whether to maintain, harvest or drop the
(A) Introduction
(B) Growth
(C) Maturity
(D) Decline

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A Marketing database is built as an aid to
(A) Market research
(B) Product-mix expansion
(C) Reducing cost of production
(D) Price hike

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Cognitive dissonance is associated with which stage of the consumer buying decision process?
(A) Need recognition
(B) Information search
(C) Evaluation of alternative
(D) None of the above

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To remain dominant, a market leader looks for
(A) Ways to expand total market demand
(B) Attempting to protect its current share
(C) Increasing its market share
(D) all of the above

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Which of the following is not a distinctive characteristic of services?
(A) Transparency
(B) Intangibility
(C) Inseparability
(D) Perishability

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