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important marketing managementvpyq

important marketing management questions for ugc net commerce

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Which of the following reflects the sum of perceived tangible and intangible
benefits and costs to a customer?
A. Customer satisfaction
B. Customer delight
C. Customer value
D. Customer expectation

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Which of the following is NOT a main stage in a customer relationship life
A. Customer acquisition
B. Customer development
C. Customer satisfaction
D. Customer annoyance

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When a company distributes its products through a channel structure that
includes one of more resellers, it is known as:
A. direct marketing
B. indirect marketing
C. integrated marketing
D. None of the above

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Consumer behavior does NOT consist which of the following activities?
A. Obtaining
B. Consuming
C. Disposition
D. Producing

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Building long-term mutually satisfying relations with key customers, suppliers, distributors in order to earn and retain their long-term preference and business is known as:
A. Relationship Marketing
B. Social Marketing
C. Niche Marketing
D. Service marketing

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