free marketing management commerce questions for ugc net

marketing management

free marketing management commerce questions for ugc net

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Holistic marketing does not include
(A) Internal Marketing
(B) Integrated Marketing
(C) Performance Marketing
(D) Financial Marketing

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In marketing research, primary data can be collected through
(A) Observational Method
(B) Survey Method
(C) Experimental Method
(D) All of the above

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Which one of the following practices is not sought to be regulated under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986?
(A) Sales of defective goods
(B) Supply of services having some deficiency
(C) Misleading advertisements
(D) Goods supplied free of charge

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An appropriate pricing strategy for a new product
to be introduced in the market will be
(A) Average/Marginal cost-plus pricing
(B) Skimming/Penetrating pricing
(C) Product-line pricing
(D) Differential pricing

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Which of the variables is not used by marketers for demographic
(A) Age
(B) Income
(C) Gender
(D) Poverty

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