commerce marketing management questions for net kset exam

marketing management commerce

commerce marketing management questions for net kset exam

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Marketing -1

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When making purchase decisions the main
consideration involved in organizational buying
(A) Product quality
(B) Price
(C) Service
(D) All the above

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The factors such as the buyer’s age, life-cycle
stage, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle,
personality and self-concept that influences
buyer’s decisions refers to which one of the
following characteristic?
A)Personal characteristics
B)Psychological characteristics
C)Behavioral characteristics
D)Demographical characteristics

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Which one of the following is a key to build lasting relationships with consumers?
A. Price of the product
b. Need recognition
c. Customer satisfaction
d. Quality of product

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How do consumers respond to various marketing efforts the company might use? What is a starting point of a buyer’s behavior?
A. Belief
b. Subculture
c. Post purchase feeling
d. Stimulus-response Model

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The five-stage model of the consumer buying process includes all of the following stages EXCEPT
A)problem recognition
B)information search
C) social interaction
D) purchase decision

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