Business economics ugc net practice questions

ugc net commerce questions

business economics commerce ugc net practice questions

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Economics -1

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An indifference curve is
a. concave to origin
b. convex to origin
c. straight line
d. vertical line

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National income determined by
a. income method
b. income disposal method
c. value added method
d. all of above

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If price of any commodity decreased by 20% and the demand will rise by 40 % , then the elasticity of demand will be
a. highly elastic
b. inelastic
c. elastic
d. perfect elasticity

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THE kinked demand curve model of oligopoly
developed by
a. cournet
b. edgeworth
c. sweezy
d. none

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Kinked demand curve is related to
a. perfect competition
b. monopoly
c. oligopoly
d. perfect competition

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