ict questions for ugc net & kset

ict questions

ict questions for ugc net

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ICT -2

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CRT stands for ____

A) Cathod Ray Tube                                                                        B) Cascade Ray Tube

C) Computer Ray Tube                                         D) Circular Roll Twist

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  • What is the language of a website?
    A) HTML
    B) ISP
    C) URL
    D) WAN

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  • What does the acronym PNG stand for?
    A) portable network graphics
    B) personal network graph
    C) personal networking graphics
    D) Pc Network graph

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  • What does HTML stand for?
    A)Hyper Telling Math Lock
    B)Hyperlink Text Math Logarithm
    3)Hypertype Markup Language
    4) NOTA

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Expand OCR

A) Operating character reading

B)optical character reading

C)Operational character reading

D)Open character reading

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Expand MPEG

A)Motion photo expert group

B)Motion picture expert group

C)Motion photo exchange group

D) Motion photo extract group

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Expand DTP


A)Desk publishing

B)Desktop printer

C)Desktop publishing

D)Disktop publishing


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